STAR is a transnational forum of scholars advancing global social mobility through innovative research and progressive advocacy efforts. Our mission is to create, and share published scholarly research focused on international education by facilitating academic exchange across the globe.  We envision a humane world through promotion and exchange of knowledge across borders. 

STAR Members

Scholars interested to join the Network can apply to become members by using this form. The benefits of membership include:

  • networking with scholars invested in the promotion of locally situated research and publication that is transnationally collaborative and mutually beneficial
  • mentorship by and collaboration with other STAR scholars for enhancing your research and publication
  • discounted registration fees and other perks from organizers of STAR international conferences
  • fees that may be offset by your institution as a STAR institution for training on research/publication, integration of research into teaching, etc
  • invitation to STAR Scholar and STAR Fellow status based on contribution (note: not every member gets the recognition)
  • preferential access to professional development resources

Institutional membership offers the following benefits:

  • qualified to organize STAR international conference, deciding themes and objectives fitting institutional need within STAR framework
  • training programs tailored to institutional needs
  • discount for members designated to attend STAR events, including conferences, international exchange, local workshops, etc
  • consultation from and direct contact with STAR Network

For institutional membership, please contact Dr. Uttam Gaulee at

STAR Fellows

STAR Fellows are scholars with expertise, terminal degrees and published research in international higher education leadership. STAR Fellows serve for three years as ambassadors for our society, enjoying a platform to highlight their research profile and an opportunity to collaborate with other scholars in the field.

Interested in becoming a STAR Fellow? Please fill out this STAR Fellow Application Form

STAR Scholars

STAR Scholars are emerging leaders in scholarship and research, often practitioners in the field of international education with growing experience in the field. STAR Scholars serve for three years as ambassadors for our society, enjoying a platform to highlight their professional profile and an opportunity to collaborate with other scholars around the world.

Are you an emerging leader interested in joining a global network of STAR Scholars?

Complete a STAR Scholar Application Form today!

Responsibilities of STAR Fellows and Scholars

  • STAR fellows and scholars contribute to the mission of STAR Network by collaborating with other STAR members and mentoring emerging scholars
  • They help advance global social mobility, democratic values, and social justice agenda through research and publication
  • They participate in yearly general meetings, uphold the mission of STAR Scholars through the research and publications, be the world ambassador of humanity by advancing the STAR mission with exemplary professional activities.

STAR Fellows may also be asked to consider leading initiatives, such as our webinar and training series, and policy formulation.