Publication Opportunities

STAR has a series of publication opportunities, including the Global Essay Project (in collaboration with the Association of American Colleges and Universities), the Open Journals in Education (OJED) journals, the STAR Book Series, book projects with major academic publishers, as well as numerous high-quality member publications.

Global Essay Project

Open Access Journals

High-quality research accessible to colleges and universities worldwide.

Open Journals in Education (OJED) publishes high-quality peer-reviewed, open access journals based at research universities worldwide. 

All articles are accessible without cost to scholars and universities. No library fees. No author fees. No download limits. Free to publish, free to access, free to read for all forever. None of the OJED journals charge fees to individual authors thanks to the generous support of our institutional sponsors and members.

OJED journals are required to be indexed in major academic databases to ensure quality and maximize article discoverability and citation. Journals follow best practices on publication ethics outlined in the COPE Code of Conduct. Journals work to ensure timely decisions after initial submission, as well as prompt publication online if a manuscript is accepted for publication. OJED journals benefit from the editorial, production, and marketing expertise of our team of volunteers.

Upon publication articles are immediately and freely available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. All published articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported License. All articles are permanently available online. Authors are allowed to self-archive their work. The final version of articles may be posted to an institutional repository or to the author’s own website as long as the article includes a link back to the original article posted on OJED.

OJED uses the Open Journal System (OJS) platform, where readers can browse by subject, drill down to journal level to find the aims, scope, and editorial board for each individual title, as well as search back issues. 

Member Publications

Book Series

Academic publishing accessible to all colleges and universities.

Does you institution not have a university press but wants to publish edited or authored academic book in partnership with us? Work with us. The book will feature your institution’s logo alongside STAR as co-publishers of the volume.

We welcome proposals for single-authored or co-authored volumes, as well as cohesive edited collections with a strong theme and consistent quality through all chapters.

We aim to amplify voices of underrepresented scholars, epistemologies, and perspectives. We are committed to a inclusion of a diversity of racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds and are particularly interested in proposals from scholars who identify with countries in the Global South.

We value linguistic diversity. Although many of the volumes that we publish are written in English, we welcome proposals in any language. If you are proposing a book in another language besides English, please submit a version in the proposed language and a translated version in English, so we can send your proposal for peer review to scholars who may not speak the proposals language but are able to review proposals in English.

We maintain high standards of a university press and all proposals will undergo peer review. Please be prepared to make revisions and answer queries about your proposal from the anonymous reviewers assigned to it.

Elements of a proposal:

  • Proposed title
  • Book description
  • Table of contents
  • Chapter abstracts and keywords
  • Proposed timeline for submission of the completed manuscript
  • Length of the completed manuscript (total words), all inclusive of front matter, chapters, acknowledgements, references, and all other material
  • Target audience(s) for the volume
  • Competing and related titles with a clear description on why your volume is different
  • Information about contributors (name, title, affiliation, and bio)
  • Brief description of why the proposed volume aligns with the mission of the STAR Scholars Network
  • CVs of editors (edited volumes) or authors (authored or co-authored volumes)

Dr. Krishna Bista, VP Educational Services, is available for virtual meetings and welcomes any questions that you might have. Contact Krishna at, with any book or collaborative project ideas whether research, textbook or reference.