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Upward Academic Mobility

Join our vibrant community of scholars and unlock the power of cross-border collaboration.


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Millennium Scholars Program

Connect and collaborate with mentors to advance your scholarship.

Certified STAR Scholars Program

Discover the power of engaged research and teaching for social impact.


Global Conference

Network with scholars and leaders to address global transformations in higher education.

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The values we live by

Human-to-Human Relationships

Building authentic human-to-human relationships among the people in the network, both online and in-person, to build trust and solidarity.

Alternative Futures

Grasping the deep challenges, injustices, and unsustainability of current systems in order to imagine alternative futures and create a more humane world.

Distributed Leadership

Empowering leaders of all kinds to drive the activities of the network, including organizing new initiatives, spreading our message, and shaping our vision.

Open Access

Pioneering open access resources that empower members to leverage the power of networks to build their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Continuous Learning

Engaging in continuous learning with our members to understand the trends, resources, and needs of the entire network and their communities.


Communicating in 1000's of local languages to include and involve as many people as possible in building this community and shaping its future.

Meet our Leadership Team

Our leadership team leverages the power of transnational connections to build communities that support the advancement of new generations of scholars working across borders.

Our network includes over 15,000 scholars and students working across borders at thousands of universities worldwide. 

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