Being a STAR Scholar

The program will be offered again this upcoming Fall 2022. Registration will open in the early fall semester.

Program Overview

STAR Scholars Network was established to connect, support, and promote academic researchers across borders, helping them to advance knowledge for global social good. With thousands of scholars across the world coming together, we have felt the need to both share the overarching vision and to provide members with some resources and milestones to work toward that vision, on their own terms, from the ground up. This orientation/training program is a response to questions that members have asked: What does it mean to join the Network and be a STAR scholar? How can I invest some time and energy to orient myself toward the values that drive this community? How can I become more capable of guiding others in my local and translocal networks? How can I cultivate a more socially driven, transnationally connected, academically rigorous, and ethically sound research mission and knowledge application? We hope that this program will inspire you to learn, lead, and advance a values-driven mission of scholarship for yourself and for your community.

Program Design

This is NOT an instructor-led course or even a traditional training program. It is a module-based, self-driven professional development program for scholars who want to deepen their understanding of the vision of STAR Scholars Network, enhance their scholarly research agenda, and develop abilities to lead and mentor other emerging scholars. So, to apply for the 3-hour orientation/training meeting, you must prepare both your personal professional development plan (for the next few years) and a plan to train/support others in your network. You will complete the self-driven “training” component of the program on your own, using

  1. video and reading materials that cover the four themes related to STAR vision
  2. guidelines for completing a portfolio for your own professional development goals and strategies, and
  3. samples to help you strategize how you plan to support others in your local/translocal networks.

Program Goals

The broader goal of this project is to support scholars craft or clarify their visions and missions as scholars committed to making a social impact through their scholarship. Toward that goal, the program is designed with the following specific objectives:

  1. to help participating scholars to study about and develop their (intellectual/disciplinary) research agenda, foregrounding a social impact and social justice mission; we encourage scholars to address unequal knowledge production and application due to inequities and exclusions of scholars/societies in the context of local/geopolitical power imbalances,
  2. to help participants generally update and improve publication and presentation skills, both in English (for international publication) and other regional/national/local languages, further enhancing their ability to engage diverse stakeholders in different genres and modes of presentation/engagement,
  3. to help participants identify and improve areas of continued pedagogical effectiveness, foregrounding a research-integrated and social-impact oriented teaching mission,
  4. to help participants identify and plan to pursue new opportunities of professional development beyond the teaching-research-service missions (such as grants and scholarships), foregrounding professional integrity and ethical responsibility in such pursuits.

Once they complete the modules, participate in the training program, and have received the certificate, the participating scholars will be provided with useful resources, networking opportunities, and practice sessions as trainers so that they can contribute to the multiplier effect of the initiative. We will also engage academic leaders from the participants’ respective institutions, as well as STAR Scholars Network leaders, in the conversation.

Process to Follow

Participants must do the following to prepare, apply for, and complete the training:

STEP 1: COMPLETE THE SIGN-UP FORM: Before you start working on the modules below, please complete this brief sign-up form. This will ask you to provide us with basic information about yourself. We will then provide you instructions for next steps and resources you need.

Note: Registration for the Spring 2022 sign-up is now closed. The program will be offered again this upcoming Fall 2022. Registration will open in the early fall semester.

STEP 2: COMPLETE THE 4 MODULES:If you’re selected, follow the instructions we’ll provide by email to complete the first module. Submitting the first module-completion quiz will automatically send you instructions for the second module. Same with the third and fourth modules. The fourth module-completion quiz will be considered your application for the presentation/exchange workshop. We will invite applicants who have received 40+15 points or above in the objective + subjective sections of all four module-completion quizzes to the next training on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you haven’t met the score requirement, you can start over by applying for the next fall or spring season.

STEP 3: ATTEND THE EXCHANGE SESSION:Training sessions are designed to give participants an opportunity to present their ideas and plans as both emerging scholars with their own research and social-impact missions and as exchange their plans emerging trainers for training other scholars. We plan to run about two such sessions in spring and two more in autumn, increasing the offerings if demand grows significantly.

STEP 4: RECEIVE THE CERTIFICATE:Certificate for modules and training completion will be provided once you provide brief summaries and samples of your work as described in the follow-up exit survey. We will encourage certified trainers to apply for a brief trainer orientation.


QUALITY: This is a free program and selection is competitive. Please only apply if you can find the time required for presenting your best work. 

ORIGINALITY & INTEGRITY: Engaging in any activity that seeks to bypass learning objectives or originality of your ideas will severely undermine the goals of the program. We will exclude any participants who undermine these standards. 

Program Coordinators | Hosts:

Please email your questions to the coordinators,