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Join us in mobilizing new generations of scholars working across borders .

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We are a grassroots, member-supported organization mobilizing new generations of scholars working across borders. You must be a current member to take advantage of registration discounts for conferences, programs, and special events, as well as be eligible for leadership roles and awards nominations. A complete list of benefits of membership is listed below. 

Our work supports the upward academic mobility of over 15,000 scholars and students working across borders at thousands of universities worldwide. If you have questions about membership or need technical assistance, please contact us at

Membership Discounts

We provide a 50% discount to all members who identify with a low and middle income country.

We have expenses to cover but we believe money should never be the reason why someone cannot be a member of our organization. If you face financial hardship and truly cannot afford membership of any type, please email us at to request a full scholarship. 

Benefits of membership !

Research Networks

Participate in one of the most vital networks of scholars working across borders and be eligible to serve in leadership roles in our fast-growing organization.


Participate in programs and events and pay discounted member rates when registering to present or attend our annual Global Conference featuring the A. Noam Chomsky Global Connections Awards.


Participate in our internationally-recognized Certified Research Scholars program, Millennium Scholars Program, and other special events designed to connect scholars across borders.


Receive our monthly Global Connections newsletter and be the first to learn about upcoming programs and publication opportunities.

Support Open Access

Support access to the latest research for journals in the Open Journals in Education (OJED) so they remain free to publish, free to access, free to read for all forever for libraries around the world.

Local Initiatives

Engage with dedicated research communities led by our Country Directors leading local initiatives that align with our mission and vision.

STAR Scholars Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of Maryland (US).

Institutional Membership

Membership for everyone at your institution.

Your donation makes a difference !

Our work is also supported by large and small dollar donations from individuals and philanthropists who have seen first-hand the life-changing impact of our work with scholars and students worldwide. Donations can be designated towards specific programs and initiatives. 

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STAR Scholars Network is a member-supported 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of Maryland (US). Donations are tax deductible. 

We immediately invest all donations to support the work of our societyWe have no administrative salaries since members of our leadership team are all employed at colleges and universities, and volunteer their time and contribute their vision, energy, and resources in leading our society.

Contact us at with any questions about donations or want to designate your donation to support a specific program or initiative in our network.