Our Vision

Our Vision

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Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR)

We are a member-supported grassroots organization building communities that support the advancement of international scholars and graduate students working across borders.

Join us in mobilizing new generations of scholars working across borders .

...across national generational disciplinary borders.


The Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR) leverages the power of transnational connections to support upward academic mobility for new generations of international scholars and graduate students through mentoring, open access publishing, leadership development, and community-building. 

Global Conference and Special Events

We convene leading universities, associations, NGOs, scholars, and graduate students at our annual Global Conference and virtual forums that address global transformations in higher education.

Mentoring New Generations of Scholars

We provide emerging and early career scholars with the opportunity to build the network and knowledge needed to advance their academic careers.

Open Access Research and Publishing

We publish cutting-edge research in books, journals, and reports to support the advance of international students and scholars.

Executive and Professional Development

We offer executive search and design bespoke professional development events for universities that share our commitment to engage international scholars and students in creating the future of internationalization.

Country and Cross-Border Forums

We act as catalysts of community-building for international scholars and graduate students across the world through country and cross-border forums for members and their colleagues, families, and communities to connect and support one another.


How have we grown from an idea to the largest and fastest-growing network of international scholars and graduate students around the world? We are a member-supported movement powered by human-to-human relationships where international scholars and graduate students organize and act to create a better future for themselves and the world. Our approach focuses on human-to-human relationships, alternative futures, distributed leadership, organizing platforms, open access, continuous learning, and local languages.

Human-to-Human Relationships

Building authentic human-to-human relationships among the people in the network, both online and in-person, to build trust and solidarity.

Alternative Futures

Grasping the deep challenges, injustices, and unsustainability of current systems in order to imagine alternative futures and create a more humane world.

Distributed Leadership

Empowering leaders of all kinds to drive the activities of the network, including organizing new initiatives, spreading our message, and shaping our vision.

Organizing Platforms

Creating an organizing platform where members connect to align work, share resources, solve issues, and build relationships across borders.

Open Access

Pioneering open access resources that empower members around the world to leverage the power of networks to build their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Continuous Learning

Engaging in continuous learning with our members to understand the trends, resources, and needs of the entire network and their communities.

Local Languages

Communicating in 1000s of local languages to include and involve as many people as possible in building this community and shaping its future.


In a leadership team meeting of the STAR Scholars Network, the world-renowned public intellectual A. Noam Chomsky raised an existential question: Are we going to survive?

We are at a moment where human beings have to determine whether they have the moral and intellectual capacity to join together, to cooperate, to overcome the existential problems that are global in character. [Global connections] are the kind of thing the world needs.


Our members gather at conferences and events, publish research, engage in community forums, and participate in professional development that supports their upward academic mobility in research, teaching, leadership, and career development. Our members include international faculty, researchers, postdocs, graduate students, and university leaders working across borders at over 2,000 universities worldwide.

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