Country Directors and Affiliates

Country Directors and Affiliates

We advance upward academic mobility through cross-border forums, exchanges, and partnerships.

Country Directors

Our community is powered by leaders who serve as catalysts of community-building for international scholars and graduate students across the world. Our country directors lead chapters of the STAR Scholars Network that engage with members to design local initiatives that support scholars and students in their context, as well as sponsor cross-border forums, exchanges, and partnerships.

Interested in serving as a Country Director?

Please review the link “Meet our Country Directors” to see where are current Country Directors are located. 

If you are located in a country where we have a current Country Director (ex. India, Bangladesh, South Africa, etc), please reach out to the Country Director to see if there are opportunities to collaborate and work with them. 

If you are located in a country where we do not have a current Country Director, we encourage you to apply if: (1) you are interested in serving as an ambassador for STAR, and (2) have an idea for an initiative that aligns with the mission and vision of STAR. 

Please fill out the application find more information about application materials here. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please e-mail Dr. Natalie Cruz, Director of Cross-Border Initiatives, if you have any questions at