Country Director Application

Country Director Application

Country Directors are senior leaders within our association who serve as catalysts of community-building. They are expected to connect their work with the work of other leaders in the network and align their work with the strategic priorities of the network as a whole. These efforts may include cross-border forums, exchanges, and partnerships, including local efforts that advance the mission of our association.

We are looking for people willing to build chapters of our association; cross boundaries to work with other Country Directors; and collaborate generously with other members of our leadership team. We expect members of our leadership team to look for opportunities to work with others in support of shared goals.

To apply to serve as a Country Director, please draft a letter (2-3 pages) that addresses the following prompts:

1. Briefly state your name, email, current title, affiliation, and current location, then explain why you want to serve as a Country Director for the Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR).

2. Outline a proposal for one initiative that aligns with our mission to build communities that support the advancement of new generations of scholars working across borders.

Describe how the initiative aligns with:

  • the mission of the association,
  • our approach to grassroots organizing, and
  • current association-wide strategic initiatives

Describe how the initiative builds stronger connections with:

  • specific individuals and associations in your network who will provide leadership to realize the vision of the initiative, and
  • other Country Director(s) in our association who build sustainable cross-border partnership(s)

Specify with data and detail:

  • how the initiative meets an unmet demand and is different from comparable initiatives in other associations and organization;
  • adds value to membership in our association, including indicators that will be used to assess the value created for members and the association
  • the types of support from the association that will be necessary and specify a funding model, if applicable.

3. Describe how you will be an ambassador for the association with your professional networks and associations.

Which country would like to represent as a STAR team?
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Max. file size: 2 GB.
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