Cross-Cultural Narratives

Cross-Cultural Narratives: Stories and Experiences of International Students

Edited by Ravichandran Ammigan

This book provides readers with a unique opportunity to walk a mile in the shoes of an international student. It also highlights the importance of a strong support system for students in both the curricular and co-curricular settings and offers insights to international educators and university administrators into creating a welcoming environment that fosters international understanding and cross-cultural awareness on campus.

Published: March 2021, STAR Scholars 

Categories: Comparative education, Student mobility, international students, student stories

This book is a Gold Open Access publication thanks to the generous institutional sponsorship of the University of Delaware. You can download an e-book (free of cost) and hard copies from Amazon and other online vendors. 

Praise for the Book

“Through rich and engaging stories, Cross-Cultural Narratives offers important personal accounts of the challenges and triumphs of international students navigating diverse and foreign academic and cultural landscapes. This inspiring and thought-provoking collection adds to other noble qualitative documentation of the international student experience.” 

Anthony L. Pinder, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs –Internationalization & Global Engagement, Emerson College, USA

“This book fills a much-needed gap in the literature on international students by giving them a voice to tell their stories.”  

Gang Li, Assistant Professor, Trinity Western University, Canada

I highly recommend this collection to all involved in the field of international education.
Meg Gardinier, Fellow, STAR Scholars Network, USA

“The edited book by Dr. Ammigan is “from international students about international students” and is an excellent contribution! The narratives provide an important glimpse into international students’ lived experience and reveal their agency and authorship of their own story.” 

Omolabake (Labake) Fakunle, MSc Education Pathway Coordinator, University of Edinburgh, UK

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