Call for Papers: JCIHE Emerging Scholars Research Summaries

Submissions should be 1,000-1,500 words excluding references and tables. Authors are encouraged to contextualize their argument, when possible, by citing from existing debates and discussions previously published in JCIHE and by sharing how the results    of your manuscript contribute to previous published articles on related issues. These links build a sense of continuity and foster scholarly dialogue within the journal.

Emerging Scholars Research Summaries share thesis or dissertation work-in-  progress or original empirical research. The intent of this special issue is to share cutting edge research that is of broad significance to the field of comparative and international    higher education. Articles must include a literature review, theory focus, and strong   methods sections. Articles must also share how the research contributes to the field of comparative and international higher education. NOTE: Submissions must include a Letter of Support from the student’s Supervisor/chair indicating their approval for the publication.

All articles will undergo a blind-review peer-editing process.  Submissions are accepted throughout the year with a deadline of OCTOBER 1, 2021.

Please send submissions or Reviewer Team requests to: