Webinar 1: Rethinking Education Across Borders: Emerging Issues and Insights

Rethinking Education Across Borders: Emerging Issues and Insights

Sept. 20, 2018 Thu: 1:10-2:10 pm

YouTube Video Link: https://youtu.be/EnEOROHqbdI

Host: Janet Gao, The George Washington University janetgao@gwu.edu; 215-919-1068

Video Conference Support: Carine Ullom, Ottawa University

Audience Link: http://bit.ly/STAR-Webinar1

Potential questions to be discussed:

  1. How do you rethink/resituate your issue in the context of macro level political and socio-economic changes at major destinations such as the United States (post-Trump era), UK (Brexit), Canada (Post-Trudeau), Australia (crash of international education “industry”) and other emerging markets?
  2. How would you situate your work/issue in the context of local changes and global impacts on major origins of international students such as China (e.g., economic rise along with One Belt One Road Initiative), India (e.g., national policy change), South Korea (e.g., Brain Korea 21, a project for naturing highly qualified human resource for the 21st century knowledge based society) and other major sources?
  3. What other critical perspectives would you address in relation to current, emerging, or anticipated issues/dynamics affecting international higher education?
  4. Given that the collection is being proposed for both scholars and other stakeholders of higher education in American and other contexts, how would you engage the primary and secondary audiences in order to add a critical perspective (or perspectives) on your subject matter? You can address this question through content/organization, theoretical/ methodological, and/ or rhetorical/stylistic strategies.
  5. What would be a one-sentence encapsulation of the main conclusion, argument, or recommendation of your chapter? What intervention does that key idea point to for scholars/researchers, institutional leaders and policy makers, or other stakeholders?

Speaker Bios:

Shyam Sharma

Vice President, Leadership & Professional Development Services

Dr. Shyam Sharma, now Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at State University of New York, Stony Brook, studied and then taught English in schools, colleges, and eventually the Central Department of English in Tribhuvan University (where he had received the Nepal Vidya Bhusan Award in the year 2000)​. Recipient of the Cross Award for Future Leaders of Higher Education from the Association of American Colleges and Universities in 2012, Dr. Sharma has published his research and scholarship in a variety of venues, specializing in writing in the academic disciplines, professional writing and communication, international education and students, cross-cultural issues in higher education, and new media and online education. While being abroad, he has edited a journal published from Nepal, initiated professional development activities for fellow teachers and scholars at Midwestern University and currently for Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu Model College, been writing a column on higher education for the Republica, and done research and publication about Nepal’s higher education.

Uttam Gaulee, President

Uttam Gaulee, Ph.D., is a scholar of international higher education. His research interests include community college systems, diaspora studies, interdisciplinary perspectives on education policy, global citizenship, and cross-cultural issues in international development and geopolitics. An assistant professor in the Community College Leadership Doctoral Program at Morgan State University, Dr. Gaulee is an advocate of community college as a vehicle for social progress and economic development in and beyond the U.S. He recently edited a volume on Global Adaptations of Community College Infrastructure. Dr. Gaulee is the chair-elect of the CIES Study Abroad and International Students SIG

Krishna Bista

Dr. Krishna Bista is the Chair of the Comparative and International Education Society Study Abroad and International Students SIG. Dr. Bista’s recent book is Global Perspectives on International Student Experiences in Higher Education: Tensions and Issues (Routledge, New York). Dr. Bista is the Founding Editor of the Journal of International Students, a quarterly publication on international higher education. He is also associate editor of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Education. He  is an Associate Professor in the Department of Advanced Studies, Leadership and Policy at Morgan State University.


Study Abroad and International Students SIG

This SIG seeks to create a professional network of researchers and practitioners working to understand the issues and challenges as well as share the best practices related to international student mobility in education, study abroad, and exchange programs globally. The mission of this SIG is to promote interdisciplinary scholarship opportunities and critical dialogues by connecting professionals and academics who are involved in serving the international student population. More information at  https://jistudents.org/sig-committee/


STAR Scholars Network

STAR is a transnational forum of scholars advancing global social mobility through innovative research and progressive advocacy efforts. Our mission is to create and share publish scholarly research focused on international education by facilitating academic exchange across the globe. We envision a humane world through promotion and exchange of knowledge across borders. More information at https://starscholars.org/


Journal of International Students

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed publication, the Journal of International Students is a professional venue that publishes theoretical and empirically-based research articles, narrative essays especially on study-abroad /international student experience, book reviews, and reflective writing about international education. More information at https://jistudents.org/8-3/