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Dr. Shyam Sharma, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at State University of New York, Stony Brook, studied and then taught English in schools, colleges, and eventually the Central Department of English in Tribhuvan University (where he had received the Nepal Vidya Bhusan Award in the year 2000)​. Recipient of the Cross Award for Future Leaders of Higher Education from the Association of American Colleges and Universities in 2012, Dr. Sharma has published his research and scholarship in a variety of venues, specializing in writing in the academic disciplines, professional writing and communication, international education and students, cross-cultural issues in higher education, and new media and online education.

Writing Support for International Graduate Students: Enhancing Transition and Success (Hardback) book coverDr. Sharma’s recent book, Writing Support for International Graduate Students, describes and theorizes agency- and advocacy-driven practices, programs, and policies that are most effective in helping international students learn graduate-level writing and communication skills. It uses compelling narratives and cases to illustrate a variety of program models and support practices that fostered the students’ process of academic transition and success. Employing an ecological framework, the book seeks to advance academic conversation about how writing scholars/instructors and program administrators, as well as other academic service professionals working with this student body, can formulate policies, develop programs, and implement practices that best help these students grow as writers and scholars in their disciplines.