Webinar Series

Our webinar series is organized in collaboration with the Open Journals in Education (OJED), Journal of International Students (JIS), and the STAR Scholars Network (STAR).  


This webinar series will focus on issues of international education, comparative education, dissertation writing, publication collaboration, mentoring,  research and scholarship, study abroad, the transnational collaboration of educators, and global social mobility.

International Symposium: Reimagining Study Abroad and Student Mobility

Zoom Registration and Meeting Link: CLICK HERE
Nov 16 @ 10:00 am ET (New York Time)

Recent Webinars 

  1. Impact and Implications of COVID-19 on Higher Education (video)
  2. Understanding the Global Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic     (video) (pictures)
  3. International Education and Campus Internationalization (video)
  4. Internationalization Practices and Initiatives at HBCUs (video)
  5. Campus Internationalization: Needs and Challenges (video)
  6. Campus Internationalization at HBCUs: Needs and Challenges (video)
  7. What does an internationalized curriculum look like? (video)
  8. Recommendations for a Successful Career in Higher Education
  9. Rethinking Education Across Borders: Emerging Issues and Insights (VIDEO)
  10. Publication Tips: Conversation with Editors (video) (PDF)
  11. Global Perspectives on International Student Experiences (video)
  12. Conversations with journal editors: Tips and traps for academic publication (video)
  13. Virtual Exchange: Globally Connected Teaching and Learning (video)
  14. Recommendations for a Successful Career in Higher Education (video)
  15. Elements of Effective Team Building (video)
  16. Keynote speech: STAR Indonesia Conference (video)

Anyone interested in the webinars can use the YouTube link provided on this page for listening to the conversation.

Scholars interested to contribute as panelists can add their names and suggest themes from here.

For any questions, please contact Janet Gao at janetgao@gwu.edu. 


STAR Scholars Network

STAR is a transnational forum of scholars advancing global social mobility through innovative research and progressive advocacy efforts. Our mission is to create and share publish scholarly research focused on international education by facilitating academic exchange across the globe. We envision a humane world through the promotion and exchange of knowledge across borders. 

Journal of International Students

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed publication, the Journal of International Students is a professional venue that publishes theoretical and empirically-based research articles, narrative essays especially on study-abroad /international student experience, book reviews, and reflective writing about international education. 

Study Abroad and International Students SIG

This SIG seeks to create a professional network of researchers and practitioners working to understand the issues and challenges as well as share the best practices related to international student mobility in K-12 and beyond, education abroad, and exchange programs globally. The mission of this SIG is to promote interdisciplinary scholarship opportunities and critical dialogues by connecting professionals and academics who are involved in serving the international student population.

Webinars are online discussions that usually feature a few experts who discuss specific topics while audience, of any size, watch and may also ask questions of the discussants.