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The Journal of International Students (JIS) is funded much like public radio. We never charge authors or readers to publish or access the journal, but the work we do is not free. 

Our Statement on Open Access is clear: No library fees. No author fees. No download limits. Free to publish, free to access, free to read, forever, for authors and institutions around the world, regardless of income or wealth.  

We charge $0 in article processing charges (APCs) to all authors even though it costs us about $100 to produce one articleWe hope you will consider paying-it-forward so future authors can enjoy the same benefit as you. 

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You can also support our work by becoming a member of the Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR) whose mission is to leverage the power of transnational connections to build communities that support the advancement of new generations of scholars working across borders.


The Journal of International Students is diamond open access journal. We are a proud member of the STAR Scholars Network and the flagship journal of the Open Journals in Education (OJED) platform. STAR Scholars Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of Maryland (US). 

Donations are tax deductible and processed securely via PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards and debit cards whether or not you have a PayPal account. You will receive an email confirmation from PayPal that documents your donation.

How is JIS different from other publishers?

Multinational Publishers

e.g., Elsevier and Taylor & Francis
$ 2,500 per article
  • free to publish for authors
  • readers pay $49.95 fee per article to download or libraries pay $5,000 (or more) for one journal subscription fee per year
  • inaccessible to scholars and institutions who cannot afford it
  • access stops if do not continue to pay subscription or download fees
  • ranking and impact vary by journal


e.g., Open Journals in Education
$ 0
  • free to publish for authors
  • free to access for readers
  • accessible to everyone
  • free forever
  • high-ranking, high-impact

Open Access Journals

e.g., SAGE Open and Frontiers In
$ 1,200 per article
  • authors or institutions pay $500-$2,500 in APCs per article
  • free to access for readers
  • accessible to everyone
  • free forever
  • ranking and impact vary by journal

Think about it: Multinational publishers make themselves the middle-man between researchers who produce knowledge for free and people who need to access it. Most publishers charge $1,500-2,500 to publish one open access article: $500 (Frontiers In), $1,200 (SAGE Open), $2,500 (Elsevier and Taylor & Francis), and even $5,000 (SAGE Choice).

Frontiers In APCs




Elsevier APCs


Even if you publish a traditional journal article ‘for free’ with one of the major publishers, someone else must pay to access your research (cf. Taylor & Francis). If someone doesn’t pay their exorbitant fees to publish your article open access, your research is locked behind a paywall, inaccessible to the majority of the world’s scholars who work at institutions that cannot afford the expensive subscription fees charged to libraries by the major publishers!  

If knowledge is a public good, why is access to it so expensive?

Our generous JIS community makes it possible for us to give every author a gift: $0 in APCs even though it costs us $75 to $100 per article to cover indexing fees, hosting services, website security and virus protection, article layout and production, postage, and printing fees. We believe knowledge should not be locked behind a paywall or only open if you pay a fee. Journals should not be limited to institutions who pay-for-access and inaccessible at institutions without financial means.



Where does my support go?

All contributions go directly to support publication expenses of the Journal of International Students, which are about $1,000-1,200 per issue for each of our four quarterly issues, plus two special issues per year, for a total of about $6,000 to $7,200 for the six issues published each year. The Executive Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Production Editor, Associate Editors, Assistant Editors, and Peer Review Board members do not receive any financial compensation for their service. 

As the most-cited journal in international education, we do everything a big multinational publisher does, i.e., CrossRef indexing, DOI registration, ORCiD profiles, Dublin Core metadata, COUNTER compliant views and download tracking, Google Scholar indexing, copyediting, JATS XML galley production, layout and design, CLOCKSS archiving, indexing in major academic databases, and publicity. We pay the same types of expenses as other publishers, and those fees are more expensive as the technological requirements for digital publishing have grown over the years.

We can publish an entire issue for the price multinational publishers charge to publish just one article! 

The journal receives $3,000-5,000 per year from our institutional sponsors. We rely on small dollar contributions to make up the difference. We must pay out-of-pocket, solicit donations, or recruit new sponsors if expenses exceed revenue. 

Is your organization interested in reaching our 15,000+ subscribers? Learn more about institutional sponsorship options then contact the Executive Editor for more information. 


Your support makes a difference .

As you may have seen on the @jistudents Twitter feed, the 2021 GoogleScholar metrics are out, and the Journal of International Students is now among the Top 10 journals in Higher Education for the first time in its history. JIS is now the most-cited journal in international education and remains the #1 open access journal in Higher Education.

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Research in JIS has received a whopping 5,500 citations in the last five years, and our h5-index has increased for the fifth year in a row! We are most proud that we continue to publish critical research that advances the field, including the recent special issue on Critical Internationalization Studies (CIS) and in multiple languages, including the recent special issue in Bahasa Indonesia

Our growth as a journal has been the collective achievement of our entire team: 15,000+ readers, 1,500+ reviewers in 115+ countries, and 250+ Peer Review Board members, including our Editor’s Choice Award and Excellence in Peer Review Award recipients. 

Our international team of Associate Editors and Assistant Editors ensure an author-friendly, high-quality peer review process, and our hardworking Managing Editor, Book Review Editor, Senior Copy Editor, Production Editor, and Editorial Assistant (Social Media) invest hundreds of hours in the production of each issue.

Thank you for supporting open access !