Status and Effect of COVID 19 and Measures of Hopefulness 

Narayan Prasad Paudel, PhD

Professor, Mid Western University Nepal

March 23, 2020



Current Status and Effect of Corona Virus

Currently, the entire world is facing the pandemic of the Corona Virus (COVID 19) across the world. Around 188 countries and territories worldwide have been affected by the virus. This is the only case in the entire history of mankind where the pandemic is spread all across the whole world except few countries. Nepal happens to be a country where no case of COVID-19 has been reported as of March 23, 2020. It is now acting like a sleeping bum all across the entire human race for this planet earth.  It has created stress, anxiety, uncertainty and an increasing level of panic in human psychology.  It has forced to change the lifestyle and behavior of every citizen of every country. People are forced to choose the solitary life in place of group life and group fun.

If we talk about the total infected till March 23, 2020, it has been roused up to 339337 cases, while recovered cases were of 99014, and mild condition cases registered were of 215067, and critical condition cases rise to 10553 all across the world and a total number of death declared were of 14703 across the 188 affected countries. Out of that Italy has hit the highest number of death record of 5476, followed by China of 3280, subsequently followed by Iran of 1685, Spain of 1772, France of 674, the USA of 457, UK of 281and Netherlands of 136 confirmed death cases has been recorded as per the Concerning SARC countries till March 23, 2020, the death records of the COVID 19 infection was of India of 5, Pakistan of 3 and rest of the SARC countries have not seen any death record of the COVID 19. The infected and death record of the COVID 19 all across the world has alarmed all of us to remain highly responsible and accountable for our role and activities.

Mr. Justin Trudo, the Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. KP Sharma Oli, the Prime Minister of Nepal and many other heads of states and heads of governments including British Prime Minister, and US President are addressing in the name of the general public and raising the level of confidence of common people by attempting to take their financial and health-related risk and ensuring them free from fear and anxiety of COVID 19. Similarly, all of the Prime Minister and President of the rest of the country is also assuring their citizen to remain awakened and alert to control the COVID 19.

They have highlighted the need for a huge national effort to reduce unnecessary social contact and keep washing hands repeatedly. Bit by bit, day by day through the effort of all common citizens we can protect all the common people all across the world. Their message is clear about who does not deserve to death they all should be protected at any cost and any measures.

The behavior of the Virus has attracted our attention to change our behavior. Without drastic measures to control the COVID 19, inside every country and also across the whole world, it will be too late for all of us to protect from the urgent risk of the virus. Therefore, every section of the society, every institution either big or small, every nation strong or weak in terms of technology and resources should work together and walk together and fight together for the fast recovery of the infected and control of the virus.

The country where the control measures and technology to fight against the COVID-19 is very weak for example Iran and Italy, many doctors and nurses and health workers are also forced to lose their life and they have sacrificed their lives to protect the life of others. The Government of the rest of the country should learn the great lessons from this incidence that they all should arrange an adequate number of health facilities, train more doctors for high-quality treatment of the patient and also train them for protecting themselves.

The authority of the respective country should begin some constructive dialogue with all the stakeholders and they all should work together day and night to protect the common people of their respective nation. Governments should work to stand behind people and people should support the respective governments while adhering to the circular and decisions of the respective government. It is widely apparent that still, people are not becoming responsible to follow the rule of self-isolation announcement of the government worldwide. Breaching the rule and announcement during the emergency will bring serious consequences to all of us including every government.

We all need unprecedented effort and measures for an unprecedented time of crisis of entire humanity. Every section of the society either in Europe, or in Asia, or America or Africa and or in Australia, where ever we stay and stand we all must reveal kindness in our deed and talk and behavior. This author is looking for a small act of kindness to protect each other during the period of this greater humanitarian crisis.

This time human history is witnessing the greatest pandemic during the entire period of the last hundred years all across the world. All the citizens either in Asia, Europe, America, Australia and or Africa currently we all are facing the nation lockdown, isolation and self-quarantine, this is an unprecedented global event for the entire mankind who always wants for the growth, development, prosperity, and happiness. But, unfortunately, due to a small error and mistake, greed and ignorance of a unanimous human being of any region of any country the entire human race of the earth is paying the bitterly and hard price. This is a great lesson for the entire mankind, not only think of themselves and their happiness rather we should think on a broader scale to live and let live each other.

We are witnessing many sincere attempts and efforts of respective governments, health workers and doctors and stakeholders to treat the infected and to bring the spread under control, but yet we all are not being able to generate the hopeful condition to bring the spread under control.

Questions to the Scientific Community

What the scientists and the giant pharmaceutical companies are doing during this crisis of COVID 19, why they are not being able to develop the vaccine of the virus. Since the COVID 19 appeared three months back in China. What is going on to the scientific communities and drug companies, why they are not being able to innovate and produce the drug to cure the coronavirus? It is a matter of great surprise across the entire country and across the billions of common people that why the scientist is delaying the process of development of the functional and workable medicine.

Due to these worldwide health crises and coronavirus risks, almost all of the Schools, Colleges, and Universities are shouting down worldwide. Consequently, human civilization is facing a greater loss of creativity, loss of knowledge creation, and innovation.   Ultimately it will hit the countries for unforeseen future.

Financial Impact of COVID 19

Almost all the service sector companies all across the world are shutting down for an uncertain future, similarly, most of the trading and manufacturing companies are also shutting down, consequently, temporary job cuts are in place. Billions of population all across the world now is becoming jobless and closed in their respective houses and apartments, it has created a huge loss of industrial productivity and production and loss of jobs.   For example, American flights are cut down by 75 percent, which is in increasing trend all across the other airlines all across the world. There is the closure of large gathering business, shut down of hotel restaurants all across the nations and closure of the manufacturing and trading companies including the closure of small and medium-sized companies all across the world has largely laid down the part-time employment all across the world. These all the incidents sooner or later will bring huge financial loses either to the respective companies or to the employees or further GDP loss to the respective governments.  Due to the holistic effect of COVID 19, the entire world will be facing yet another financial recession one another time in the history of mankind.

The Way Forward and Preparedness Required

To address the financial burden of the common people the government of the respective country can announce interest-free loans or reduced interest-rate to revive the sick business units. Governments can provide an adequate amount of financial subsidies to revive the worse hit industry and individuals.   Governments all across the world can prepare business promotion and sustenance policies once their priority changing from controlling the COVID 19.

The current issue is getting out of the pandemic of COVID 19 and getting control of its spread and treating the virus infected people very soon should be the number one agenda of every community, country and every common people all across the nations.

The current situation of rising fear and panic can be overcome by raising the level of knowledge and wisdom of managing the self. It is the time of collaborative thinking and acting together and also remain on individual isolation to overcome the spread of the virus. This is the time of the greater sacrifice of our effort, energy and resources for the betterment of common people. Which is actionable and doable, to bring the visible outcome of the problem, through the solidarity of all greater human beings including the greater government of each country.

Natural Way of Life, Raising the Level of Immunity and Raising Hope

To fight the fight against the coronavirus we can improve the immunity power of our body and our mind. As per long self-practice, understanding and belief what this author can say is there is the remedy of the problem for those who have not been infected and having chances of infections.  If we begin our natural way of lifestyle having more rest rather than stress, doing more exercises and yoga, doing breathing exercise on natural places having a pure source of oxygen, having plenty of and frequent intake of hot drinking water containing the turmeric powder and ginger, garlic and some composition of herbal tea along with the mixture of adequate amount of honey will naturally boost our immune system to fight against the prospective infection of the COVID 19.  Further, remain in isolation and be more mindful, alert and wise in every moment concerning sticking on the discipline and protecting the self and others would be the only best way to ensure our secured future and further ensure the hope for the upcoming generation. We all can act in concert to remind every one of us to walk the talk and talk the walk.