Dr. Purna Nepali

Dr. Purna Nepali – STAR Fellow

Dr. Nepali is an associate professor at the Master of Public Policy and Governance (MPG) program of Kathmandu University School of Management (KU SOM), Kathmandu. He teaches agrarian and rural studies: public and Social Policy. He is involved in a range of research projects including  “Reorienting Political Economy of Agrarian Transformation in Nepal with special focus on Marginalized Community.”
Through the Fulbright program, his US Placement is at the Heller School Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.

Dr. Nepali is Research Fellow (non-resident), Harvard Kennedy School and Hutchins Center, Harvard University, US where he Is undertaking his research on Political Economy of Inclusive Agrarian Transformation: Comparative Analysis of Race-Caste of US and Nepal/South-Asia. He has recently completed his Fulbright Visiting Research Fellow in Global Development and Sustainability at Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, USA. His research was on Reorienting Political Economy of Agrarian Transformations, focusing on marginalized communities in Nepal. Previously he was the Regional Project Coordinator, Regional Food Security Governance Project in South Asia and East Asia (Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar) at DanChurchAid (DCA), funded by the European Union. For the past decade he has researched land rights and food rights, and advocates for evidence-based policy and reform in South Asia from a civil society perspective. In addition, he teaches graduate courses for masters and PhD students as an adjunct professor at the Kathmandu University and the Agriculture and Forestry University in Nepal. As a lead editor of the Journal- New Angle, he recently edited a special issue of the peer-reviewed article called Agrarian and Land Issues that can be found here: http://www.nepalpolicynet.com/new/new-angle/new-angle-december-2016/