The Geographies of International Student Mobility: Spaces, Places and Decision-Making

This book offers critical insights into the geographies of the international student higher education experience from initial recruitment, through to the plethora of personal factors which influence their decisions to become mobile and experiences when abroad. From the student perspective these include, but are not limited to, the importance of social networks, desire for a multicultural experience and the attraction to certain locations as discussed in this volume. However, unlike other work, it also reflects on the motivations of the HEIs themselves and their need to continue recruiting students in the face of greater competition from overseas. Recognising this omission, this book also analyses the resulting migration industries and how these are sustained (and even necessitated) by the sector. It is, therefore, the first to bring together these wider institutional narratives with those of the students resulting in a holistic and comprehensive insight into the student mobility process.

About the Author

Dr Suzanne E. Beech is Lecturer in Human Geography at Ulster University, UK. Her research focuses on international student mobilities in higher education, in particular their decision-making, experiences overseas and recruitment. Her work has been published in Area, Social and Cultural GeographyGeoforum, and the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.