Inclusion, Epistemic Democracy and International Students: The Teaching Excellence Framework and Education Policy

This book examines the Teaching Excellence Framework, and how this and various other educational policies create conditions for the exclusion of cross-border learners. As universities become increasingly globalised and seek to recruit international students, this volume explores how the TEF can shape attitudes towards international students in UK universities, with particular regard to how current metrics may cause damage not only to the students but the universities that receive them. However, the author examines how the TEF and its equivalent could in fact foster and sustain the realisation of international students as democratic equals in university classrooms. Divided into three parts, this book begins to theorise the philosophical basis for a TEF ranking that could create an alternative system – in doing so, helping home students access benefits arising from internationalisation. This pioneering book is a call to action for broader institutional epistemic justice, and will appeal to students and scholars of international students, the TEF and teaching excellence policies more generally.

About the Author

Aneta M. Hayes is Lecturer in Education at Keele University, UK, and Director of the Undergraduate and MA programmes in Education. She has published widely in relation to the TEF and international students.