Muhammad Sharif Uddin – STAR Scholar

Mr. Uddin is an international educator and scholar of educational leadership with robust longstanding experience in academic administration. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate in Urban Educational Leadership Program at Morgan State University, USA, and serving as the President of Graduate Student Association (2020-2021). He has a bachelor of mathematics and a bachelor of educational administration. He also has two master’s degrees. One is in English, and the other one is in Educational Administration and Supervision.

He is a fellow of International Leaders in Education Programs and a U. S exchange alumni. He has twenty years of experience as a high school math teacher, assistant principal, and principal in Bangladesh. He was also a teacher trainer for secondary English. Currently, he is working as a research assistant and as an adjunct faculty at the Department of Teacher Education at Morgan State University. His research interest is teacher education, critical pedagogy, holistic education, and curriculum and instruction.

Among many professional hats he wears, some are; Manager Editor of the Journal of Underrepresented and Minority Progress, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, the International Journal of Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Higher Education, and Director of Outreach Programs of the Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR).


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