Marvin Perry is a MSU GESTAR Project Coordinator for Morgan State University. Also responsible for GESTAR/ NASA contract mentorship program, ensuring that all interns, faculty and mentors devote the appropriate amount of time towards mentoring and working with interns.  Report directly to the VP of Research Innovation Advocacy, by supporting the VP in coordinating projects and/or GESTAR activities under the MSU- GESTAR/ NASA TEAM project.  Responsible for managing, scheduling and communicating with the MSU-GESTAR NASA scientist and coordinating meetings and event activities.  Create and distribute needed materials for meetings and/or workshops for GESTAR related projects and assist interns in transportation needs. Mr. Perry also served as IRB meeting Coordinator in managing the applications submission process for the IRB Board. He has been responsible for keeping the minutes and updating the IRB spreadsheets. He personally met with IRB applicants and made sure the IRB application forms were filled out correctly. He also worked with the VP of Research Innovation Advocacy, in proposal writing and pre-awards activities. He assists staff in coordinating and photographing DRED events.