Marguerite Dennis

Marguerite J. Dennis – Director, STAR Mentoring Initiative

Marguerite Dennis, MJDennis Consulting, Inc.Marguerite Dennis leads the STAR Mentoring Initiative. She has been recruiting internationally for over 25 years, first at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and then at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. During that time she was responsible for establishing a branch campus for Suffolk University in Dakar, Senegal and Madrid, Spain. Marguerite increased the international student population at Suffolk University by 193% from 1993 to 2011 and increased the number of study abroad programs by 135%, from 20 to 47. She monitored the recruitment programs for Suffolk University in 20 countries and hired a network of 10 international educational consultants. She signed agreements in Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Germany, Mexico, France and Argentina.

Marguerite was responsible for establishing international alumni clubs and was responsible for the international fundraising activities for Suffolk University..

Marguerite has served as a consultant to colleges and universities in Viet Nam, Kuwait and Georgia. She has served as a consultant for international parents and students and developed a Private Client Service, that assists families from pre-admission and acceptance to graduation.

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About the Mentoring Program

To initiate discussion and share recommendations through mentoring and leadership seminars for young college and university professionals

Seminar Schedule
Seminars to be conducted every other month beginning in September, 2019 by some combination of one or several experienced college administrators and faculty.
Marguerite J. Dennis will either conduct or moderate the six seminars. She will be responsible for responding to submitted questions from webinar audience

Sample Seminars – Offered by Marguerite J. Dennis
Leadership and Mentoring Seminar for College and University Professionals
Differences between a good and a great manager
Branding skills through your resume
Personal qualities needed for professional development and advancement
When is it time to move on? When have you stayed too long at the dance?
Sixth seminar to be developed based on the experiences of the past seminars


Leadership and Mentoring Seminars for College and University Professionals

Twenty Recommendations

  1. Think from the end.
  2. How can I serve the profession, not what’s in it for me.
  3. What are the skills you bring to the table?
  4. Build consensus across the campus.
  5. What is your emotional intelligence and soft skills?
  6. Read, read, read to expand your “horizon thinking.”
  7. Embrace technology but be careful about social median postings.
  8. Be honest. With yourself and with your colleagues.
  9. Do not participate or contribute to office politics.
  10. Never criticize current or past employers.
  11. Do not align yourself with campus factions.
  12. Never gossip.
  13. Don’t be the last in and the first out.
  14. Build a brand for yourself, internally and externally.
  15. Cultivate mentors.
  16. Invest time in developing new skills.
  17. Never stop learning, researching.
  18. Know when it is time to leave the dance.
  19. Be relentless.
  20. Never stop being CURIOUS.