Madhukar Pandey

Madhukar Pandey ​is a school reformer spearheading a public school reform project in Nepal. He has been working with the District of Gulmi to connect all of the schools to American schools so that children can learn from each other’s cultures, and expand the horizon of their thinking. As an academic with background in English Studies, Mr. Pandey also teaches English literature and Business Communication to ​graduate and ​undergraduate students at Nepal Mega College, an affiliate of Tribhuvan University. ​He ​is one of the founders of the College and current program director of both graduate and undergraduate ​academic programs. ​ Mr. Pandey is also a member of Education Committee ​under the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI). He works as Academic Head of Swastik College — a ​ Tribhuvan University Affiliated, IT College. Additionally, ​with the objective of making change in Nepali education system, Mr. Pandey presents a ​television program named ​Shikshyalaya on News24 Television— ​a popular ​program ​in the country.