Latest COVID-19 Update on Higher Education

Marguerite DennisMarguerite Dennis, a STAR leader is sending you an update on some of the latest academic developments.

This week the San Francisco Art Institute and Notre Dame de Namur are no longer accepting students for the fall semester.
The University of Oregon announced that approximately 400 research professors will be laid off if they can’t work from home.
Tenure bids at Ohio State and Creighton universities have been put on hold for one year. Harvard University plans to do the same.
One in six high school students who expected to attend college in the fall before COVID-19 will opt for other options, according to the consulting firm, Art and Science Group. Students will either take a gap year or enroll in less expensive schools.
Quinnipiac University in Connecticut will cut faculty and staff salaries by 3% – 6%. this summer.
All of the above has obvious implications for STAR members. We hope this information is useful. We will update periodically.