Kabitaraj Cadel – STAR Scholar

Kabita Raj Cadel (Khati) is an Associate professor at the Department of Psychology,
Padma Kanya Multiple Campus, Bagbajar, Tribhuvan University, Kathandu Nepal. She spent 28 years in the academy. Beginning first an Assistant professor, then Associate Professor,
Department Head and currently, coordinator of the Masters Program in Psychology. She has advised many, many graduate and Master’s students. Many of her students have gone on to become successful in their professional endeavors.

Not only is Cadel a respected teacher, she is also a lifelong learner. She has just submitted her PhD dissertation on the topic of Women’s mental health: A
psychosocial Perspective, at Tribhuvan University. She has completed Master’s degree in major clinical psychology from the Tribhuvan University and undergraduate as well. Her professional interests include mental health and well being, counseling, the examination of the etiology and course of mental health from life span, understanding the phenomenology of mental health, depression, anxiety, stress basically focus on psychosocial and multicultural issues.