Scholars in the STAR network across the world are willing to share their expertise to advance knowledge and increase academic opportunities for future scholars especially across national/geographical borders.

If you’d like to invite one or more of our members/affiliates for a discussion, exchange, consultation, or training – onsite or virtually – please contact us via email Dr. Uttam Gaulee at


Some of our past exchanges include:

  • Institutional Agreements: 1) Midwestern University Nepal 2) Tribhuvan University Nepal, 3) Nepal Open University
  • Exchange visits 1) Florida State University, 2) Valencia College, 3) University of Florida, 5) Missouri State University
  • Webinar and on-the-ground education summit: July 2016, Midwestern University (United States, Nepal)
  • Webinar series on implementing semester system, teacher training: November 2017 – Tribhuvan University (United States, Nepal)
  • Bangladesh – North South University 
  • Summer education summit: May 2018, Kathmandu Model College (United States, Nepal)