Bimal Nepali – STAR Scholar

Bimal Nepali is an assistant professor of English Language and literature at Mid-Western University, the Karnali province, Nepal. His teaching profession goes as far as three decades in teaching English language and literature to students of Nepal from pre-primary level to master’ s level in Nepal. Currently, he is serving as the department head of English Instruction Committee at the Mid-Western University, Faculty of Education. His job responsibilities include scheduling and running the classes as required. Besides, Prof. Nepali coordinates with all faculty members to organize various programs regarding English language and literature activities. Similarly, students studying in master’s level are guided to complete proposals and theses under his supervision and guidance. Apart from this, he runs semester mid-term examinations as scheduled, and prepares result. Prof. Nepali also finds himself engaged in composing English poems, especially free verse ones in different monthly and yearly local magazines. He is also the chair of Parent Teacher Association of one of the model schools of this province: Karnali province. He is very much optimistic about the positive change to be brought about by English as an international language throughout the world for humanity and brotherhood. English, he hopes, can play an instrumental role in uniting the world.