Ananta Ram Baidya

Ananta Ram Baidya – STAR Scholar

Mr. Ananta Ram Baidya, P.E., is a California licensed civil engineer with over 30 years of practice in civil and structural engineering in both the private and the public sectors in the United States. He has worked as an engineer in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Diego,
California. His experiences include reviewing and commenting on projects prepared by other licensed architects and engineers for compliance with different rules and regulations. His area of expertise spans across earthquake safety, fire-life safety, access compliance for the disabled and other regulatory processes that involve land and project developments. This also involves the restoration and upgrade of old and historical buildings.

He graduated of IIT Kharagpur (Civil Engineering, B. Tech Hons.) and obtained his Master’s Degree from the University of Hawaii (Civil). Given his extensive experiences in the area of public safety including disabled accessibility, he is ideally qualified to comment on technical aspects regarding pre-disaster mitigation and disabled accessibility in Nepal and elsewhere. His interests and attempts in Nepal focus on creating ways and means to modify current public safety situations and understanding for both the abled and the disabled (PWD) to comply with acceptable safety standards, keeping in mind Nepal’s current realities. His thoughts on these subjects have been widely published in the local media. He continues to provide public service talks on these topics. He has been listed for 3 years (starting in 2018) as a Fulbright Specialist in the Fulbright Specialist Program, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. He will be starting a program to help Nepal on “Public Safety for All, Earthquake Safety Engineering and Heritage Reconstruction” in early 2019 as part of Fulbright Specialist Series in Nepal.