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The EdUp World Wise Podcast is a weekly take on education, culture and migration, in partnership with STAR Scholars. Join Dr. Rajika Bhandari, international higher education expert and author of America Calling: A Foreign Student in a Country of Possibility, for illuminating and deeply personal conversations with diverse global voices including international students; international education experts; migrants and immigrants; authors; and artists to explore the varied ways in which the world connects through education. Subscribe now and view show notes.

  • Advancing Equity for Girls and Women: A Conversation with Gloria L. Blackwell
  • Helping Students Finance Their International Education Dreams: A Conversation with Manu Smadja
  • Bridging Divides Through a Camera Lens: Filmmaker and Fulbrighter, Kavery Kaul
  • America needs foreign-born doctors, so why is it so difficult? A conversation with Azan Virji
  • How Art Elevates Our Understanding of Social Justice: A Conversation with LaNitra Berger
  • Where Talent Meets Opportunity: A Conversation with Rebecca Zeigler Mano
  • Raising Immigrant America: A conversation with author Masha Rumer
  • An International Student’s Passage From India: Aryan D’Rozario
  • Leadership Lessons in International Education: Peggy Blumenthal
  • How and why we should measure the impact of colleges and universities: Phil Baty
  • A Life of Multirooted Belongings: Vishakha Desai
  • Ukraine: An international student perspective and the unfolding refugee crisis

There’s a story behind every scholar. Global Scholar Stories is a podcast by STAR Scholars Network and the Journal of International Students. We share the personal stories of scholars behind their research in international education.

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EP 6: On Cross-Border Narratives with Dr. Natalie Cruz

This final episode for Season 1 begins with Dr. Cruz’ reflections her identities being a scholar-practitioner, a woman, and a parent/mother in the field of international higher education and the importance of self-care for professional and personal well-being. As our Cross-Border Narratives Section Editor, she also talks about how to integrate personal experiences in a scholarly writing, followed by practical guidance around developing your academic voice and the writing process.