Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership

We could not do our work without the support of institutional members that share our commitment to engage international scholars and students to creating the future of global higher education.

Institutional Membership is designed for colleges, universities, foundations, institutes, and professional organizations looking to support the academic advancement of their international faculty, postdocs, graduate students, or academic administrators.

For colleges and universities that want to offer resources and benefits for their entire campus, we offer Institutional Membership that allows all faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students to enjoy full Individual Membership benefits

What are the benefits of institutional membership?

Institutional Membership offers the following benefits:

  • Individual Membership benefits for all faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students from your institution
  • Free conference registration at our Global Conference (Registration minimum cost: $39 USD/person)   
  • Exclusive access to virtual events focused on our key areas of professional development: (a) Navigating transnational academic career paths; (b) Research and writing productivity; (c) Executive leadership development; and (d) Cross-border teaching, learning, and virtual exchange
  • Special events that provide actionable teaching tools, research-based insights, and peer-to-peer connections from our network of scholars and leaders
  • Online discussion forums and our library of resources, which includes recording of past virtual events and materials
  • Eligibility for small grants to serve as host site for regional conferences, programs, and forums sponsored by our Country Directors 
  • Significant discounts to publish edited or authored academic books in partnership with us
  • Invitations to special member-only events about strategies to build academic research and publishing capacity
  • Support the open access mission of Open Journals in Education (OJED), so our journals remain free to publish, free to access, free to read for all forever for libraries around the world to provide access and increase impact
  • Eligibility to host annual Global Conference and the A. Noam Chomsky Global Connections Awards
  • Institutional logo featured on our website and print communication materials, and on a rotating basis in all email and social media communications, sent to thousands of members worldwide and viewed by millions yearly
  • Access for all members to create a profile within our online community to highlight their work and engage with thousands of other members 

All of these benefits provide opportunities for your institution and employees to build connections with thousands of members worldwide, and gain knowledge needed to advance transnational academic careers.

What is the cost of institutional membership?

We provide the same benefits to all Institutional Members with three suggested options for institutional membership contributions. We believe the same benefits should be applicable to all member institutions no matter what they are able to pay.

Institutions should select the suggested contribution level for the country where their main campus is located. Suggested contribution options are based on World Bank country classification of low and lower-middle income, upper-middle, and upper income countries scaled to relative GDP per capita. If your institution is unable to afford the suggested contribution, please note that in the application and we will work with your institution to determine a contribution that is reasonable for your organization.

Low and Lower-Middle Income

$250 / year
  • All institutional member benefits
  • All benefits of individual membership for all faculty, staff, and students

Upper-Middle Income

$750 / year
  • All institutional member benefits
  • All benefits of individual membership for all faculty, staff, and students

Upper Income

$1,000 / year
  • All institutional member benefits
  • All benefits of individual membership for all faculty, staff, and students

Lookup the World Bank country classification for your country.

Institutional Membership is the best option if 10 or more members at your institution want to join!

Questions about Institutional Membership?
Contact us! We’d love to answer your questions. Include your question in the application form or contact us directly via email at

How else can your organization partner with us?

Find out how your university or organization can get involved in our efforts to harness the power of transnational connections to support the advancement of international scholars and graduate students from the Global South and across the world. 

We are happy to setup a call or Zoom meeting to discuss how we might work with your organization to support the advancement of international scholars and graduate students working across borders. Email us at to introduce yourself and schedule a conversation.

We partner with universities and international organizations to support new generations of international scholars.


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