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Hari Prasad Upadhyaya – STAR Scholar

Hari Prasad Upadhyaya is a social activist by profession, and neuro-linguistic programmer and spiritual practitioner by passion. He serves as secretory of Light of Life Nepal, a youth-led non-profit organization established to work for the positive transformation of youth and children. He completed his master’s in social work from Mid-Western University in Nepal. Since 2015, He is actively engaged in social activities especially for youth and children in the theme of education, good governance, and empowerment. An ultimate goal of his life is being happy by making others happy. To advance this mission, he assembled a team to establish an organization. Mr. Upadhyaya’s 4 years of engagement has created a remarkable impact on social transformation. Below are some of his achievements so far.

Currently, toward achieving his personal and professional goals, he is actively working for two issues;

  1. Public library establishment movement in Surkhet: – An open knowledge park where all kind of people can reach out and learn for their life not only to attend the exam and get a certificate. It is an open learning space where we can learn, inspire and transform person, peoples, and society. It is a provincial level movement.
  2. Brain Gain Nepal Movement:- A movement to gather educated, experienced and skillful Nepali peoples from around the world in one place and let them inspire, share and support other people who really are in need. It is a country-wide movement.