Academic Symposium on Community College’s Role in Advancing Social Justice

STAR Scholars led a national academic symposium on community college’s role in advancing social justice. The symposium was conceptualized and chaired by Dr. Uttam Gaulee and sponsored by Morgan State University, where Dr. Gaulee works as an assistant professor in the Community College Leadership program. The key speakers comprised of an array of distinguished leaders and scholars in higher education including Dr. Edward James Valeau, the president Emeritus of Hartnell Community College and distinguished author; Dr. Dale Franklin Campbell, Professor Emeritus of University of Florida and Chief Evangelist of the Community College Futures Assembly; Dr. Chris R. Glass, the Graduate Program Director of Old Dominion University and Education Researcher, and Dr. Krishna Bista, the editor-in-chief of the Journal of International Students. A diverse audience representing scholars and practitioners of higher education as well as social organizations gathered at the grand atrium of Earl E. Graves School of Business and Management at Morgan State University on Saturday, October 27 to participate in rich conversations. With insightful keynotes by thought leaders and informative panel discussions from a variety of experts bringing experience from investigative research, experience, and practice, the symposium offered an opportunity to learn and collaborate with leading change-makers in the area of community college, workforce development, and social justice.