Kathmandu, May 17, 2018

Khaniya address

Professor Dr. Tirh Raj Khaniya, the vice chancellor of Tribhuvan University, launched a quality enhancement initiative in collaboration with the Society of Transnational Academic Researchers  (STAR), aiming to bring about learning innovation in the largest university in Nepal. Based on TU’s strategic Vision 2030, the project is geared toward consolidating the semester system all over the country by focusing on classroom activities to lead to effective learning.

Dr. Uttam Gaulee, a Morgan State University Assistaint Professor and president of STAR, spoke from Maryland via a recorded video message, which highlighted the ambitious collaborative project, which will involve multiple other US university professors in the coming months and years. Dr. Gaulee is one of the alumni of the university and is trusted by the university to lead the quality enhancement initiative.


A two day interactive seminar entitled Strengthening Semester System: Sharing Experiences and Building Strategies was held at Hotel View Bhaktapur. The event signifies the beginning of a longterm collaboration between Tribhuvan University and STAR. Dr. Gaulee, along with Dr. Krishna Bista from Morgan State University and Dr. Shyam Sharma from Stony Brook University has been facilitating interactive webinars for more than a year leading to this formal ceremony, which launched the official quality enhancement initiative.


Details of the two day program is available here.

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